Ever since I was a kid, I was so curios to know how my electronic toys (ex.: Cars with Remote) are working, I tried to reassembled all my toys to check what’s inside and learn, actually most of them got destroyed. However, I was still satisfied by checking the internal components, I was eager to learn what is that so I kept digging and learning till I am grown up and I build my own one, but I added all what I have learned through this period which is some new developing feature, I am using Python and Java to build interactive applications also dealing with some new features (ex.: AI).

Even when I got employed I used my skills to code and automate everything at work (yes literally everything even handling mails and replying with the needed information/data)

Nowadays the newly developed Technologies made me even more curios to learn and dig deeper in the developing field

Technologies I am dealing with:
– Python
– Java
– JavaFX
– Java Spring
– JavaScript
– Postman
– ANDROID Development